Duty Free
3 channel HD video, animation, color, sound, 9' x 6' and 13' x 10, 30:00 
Ultrasonic misters, plastic buckets, herbal infusion made with Sun Song of Poppy,
Plantain, Gingko, Mugwort, Siniuichi
Park View/ Paul Soto at Karen Huber Gallery for Condo Mexico City

Duty Free
Live video essay
Performance, HD video, animation, color, sound
Projected onto 6.75' x 18' fabric and paper


Commissioned by Kristan Kennedy for Portland Institute of
Contemporary Art presented at TBA16 in Make-up on Empty Space
Protuberances at LAXART curated by Jess Arndt and Catherine Taft
Seattle Art Fair Special Projects: Union Station curated by Laura Fried
Park View/Paul Soto

Duty Free Performance Notes
Published in I can call this progress to halt ed. by Suzy Halajian


excerpt LAXART